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P&K House

Hi again…Here I post my design for a house facade in South Jakarta.This is my friend’s house project. I just make design for facade.Done with SU 8 Pro + Vray + PS CS3.Hope you like it.Enjoy!

Grand Guest Room – Interior Classic Project

Interior Project : Elegant Classic – PIK

Hi…This is one of VOD’s interior projects @ PIK – Jakarta.Foyer and Grand Guest Room with elegant white classic.Done with Sketchup 8 Pro + Vray 1.49 + Photoshop CS3.Enjoy!

Apartment Interior : Chic and Simple

Hi again…This is my apartment interior project in Kemang Village, Jakarta.Apartment with simple style and beage ambience.Still with SU8 Pro + Vray 1.49 + Photoshop CS3. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Classic Project – Residential, Makasar

Hi…Here I post again about my classic project in Makasar – Indonesia.This classic project is full with elegant white classic ambience.Done with SU8 Pro + Vray 1.49 + Photoshop CS3. Mix images in Ipad.Hope you like it. Enjoy!

Welcome to my house…*Dreaming

Cafe de la CARE

My latest rendering with Sketchup 8 Pro, Vray 1,49 & Photoshop CS3.Here I post the wire capture and rendering result.Still learn about rustic materials. Hope you like it.Enjoy!

Wonderful Bangka (Part 2)

Hi…Here I post my old photos in my hardisk about “wonderful of Bangka Island”Hope you like it.Enjoy!

Just Potrait

Lokasi : Kota Tua, Jakarta

Screen Shot & Free Visopt for VraySketchup

Hi…Here I post the screen shot and free visopt base on my last scene.You can download it in HEREEnjoy!

The Nature of Farnsworth House

Hi…This is my conceptual visulization with Sketchup and Vray.Touching with Photoshop CS3.Still learning about exterior rendering.Hope you like it…Enjoy!

VERDE Apartment

One of my apartment design for HER Design, Jakarta – Indonesia.Workflow Sketchup 8 Pro + Vray for Sketchup + Photoshop CS3Enjoy!

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